I came into your talk feeling like I knew a great deal about food and was blown away by how much I learned in just one evening.…
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Nutrition Education for Children
Studies show that children presented with a variety of "good choices" or what we call "real food," instinctively knows how to nourish themselves perfectly. Unfortunately once Skittles are on the tray, all bets are off. With obesity and learning disorders among children continuing to rise sharply, a plethora of junk food always at arm's reach, and the decline of the shared family meal and cooking – both of which used to provide children with some idea of what constituted a balanced meal – it makes sense perfect sense to teach nutrition to children.

Nourishous keeps the focus where it needs to be: on food (what to eat and why) and habit building, and away from memorizing dull and complex nutrient details that will be quickly forgotten.

We have developed a curriculum for elementary school children that ranges from 1 lesson to 7 lessons covering the span of an academic year and culminates, if desired, with a scavenger hunt in a grocery store! (Each lesson has plenty of standalone value so it is not necessary to give every lesson). We teach the lessons or can provide teachers with outlines and training to teach the lessons.

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As important as educating children on what to eat, is educating the people who do much of the shopping and cooking in most homes, the parents. Parent presentations include:
Eating for Better School Performance
Teaching Your Children to Eat Well
Weeknights: Tips and Techniques for Feeding Your Family Well When You Work All Day