Sandy's approach is pragmatic. She doesn't just give out diet lists, but really works on…
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Individuals Our approach to food is one of flexibility and pleasure. With us you will never suffer nagging hunger, but will be satisfied and comfortable as you progress toward your goal. We counsel you about the foods scientifically proven to bring you optimal health and teach you how to prepare them – even if you've never cooked before. When your body is balanced and well nourished, you will crave the foods that your body needs to achieve your health and wellness goals.

We offer one-on-one counseling to help you:

•  Reach your ideal weight
  •  Understand and end emotional eating
  •  Eliminate cravings
  •  Support thyroid health
  •  Restore healthy gut flora/increase immunity
  •  Prepare for pregnancy
  •  Discover what foods truly nourish your body and your spirit

Other Services:
  •  Kitchen Clean Out: Let us help you de-junk your kitchen and restock with real food.
  •  Learn basic cooking techniques (or let our chef help you stock your fridge or freezer).
  •  Learn the best online (timesaving!) food shopping secrets or let us shop your favorite store with you.