Satisfy your hunger with real food. Foods should be delicious and eating enjoyable.


About Nourishous

Our mission is to bring families and individuals back to the real foods that have nourished us for generations. Our guidelines are based on science, not fad diets. At the core of our program are foods that are satisfying and delicious – the same foods that restore good health and that our bodies and minds need to feel focused, balanced, energetic and strong.

About You
Whether you have struggled with your weight for years, are facing health challenges, or are simply looking for renewed energy and vitality, we will help you make empowering changes in your diet and lifestyle. We also counsel parents on the most important foods for their children to be eating and how to instill healthful eating habits in their children from infancy through the teenage years.

A Realistic Approach
We practice a realistic approach to nutrition, which means we look closely at how all areas of your life are connected and offer strategies that work within the context of your lifestyle.